Tandem Flights are the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of soaring. Unlike learning to fly solo, tandem flights require only a 20 minute briefing before you are in the air for the first time!
The flight will last between 15 minutes and 1 hour depending on weather conditions and the flight package you choose. The passenger is seated in front of the flight instructor in a very comfortable padded harness. This allows a full unobstructed view of the flight, and access to all flight controls. The passenger can even fly the aircraft themselves if they like!
y the end of the flight most passengers will have a basic understanding of how paragliders operate and fly. Of course some passengers just want a thrill…. We can do that also! Just sign up for the "thrill seeker" flight and you will get you an aerobatic experience you will never forget!

Tandem Flight Options ~

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